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William Lee Martin

William Lee Martin’s style of comedy is storytelling at its finest. The family man bases his material on real life situations. He’s refreshingly upbeat and positive. “He’s like your favorite uncle who will pat you on the back, tell you a funny story, and then let you sneak a shot of tequila,” says Jared Mittelo, Honest Fox Media.

His new “It’s the Tequila Talking Comedy Tour” kicks off in his home city, Fort Worth, Texas. Barreling into the new year with fresh bits and new material, he will leave you drying your eyes and wanting more.

Martin’s career started in 1996 at the age of 30 where he rose at a meteoric pace from open-mic to national club headliner in just 3 short years. He has also entertained our military troops overseas with the USO and Armed Forces Entertainment, co-hosted the George Strait Fest for George Strait, toured with country music stars George Jones, Loretta Lynn and on the CMT Most Wanted Live Tour with Brad Paisley, and even performed with all four of the Blue Collar Comedy stars.

In 2019, the Texas comedian released two brand new one-hour televisions specials on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google, YouTube TV, X-Box, Dish, Sling and in audio form on Sirius XM, Pandora, iTunes, Spotify through the Comedy Dynamics Network. “Standing in the Middle” (release date Nov. 5, 2019) and “The Nutcracker – A Christmas Standup Spectacular” (release date Dec. 10, 2019) were the follow-ups to his 2015 self-produced smash hit television special on the CMT network, “Let the Laughter Roll”.

In 2018, he dipped his toe in acting landing a speaking role in “300 Savage” an independent film shot in beautiful Montana. “He was so much fun to work with and he owned his role. I really hope he and I can collaborate on something again soon,” Jennings Barmore, Director “300 Savage”.

Since then, Martin has done some commercial work. He has also had a starring role as a celebrity judge for the Thrillist and Carnival Cruise Lines television series hosted by James Van Der Beek, “Island Hoppers.” Plus, he co-produced and hosted the late-night show pilot for The Country Network called, “Dallas Days Fort Worth Nights.” He kicked off 2021 with a national television appearance on the “Mike Huckabee Show” on TBN.

Martin has gained almost 400,000 followers since the start of the pandemic. This is due in part by releasing live comedy clips from his specials on social media platforms (27 have over 1 million views each now), appearing on several podcast, doing his “4 pm Daily Talk Y’all” every day since March 18, 2020, occasionally hosting for his fans movie nights and even went 24 hours straight LIVE, all on Facebook.

Martin’s Daily Talk is part inspirational, part humorous and some are just reminders to laugh even if you have to fake it. As he repeatedly says to his audience, “your body doesn’t know the laughs are fake, so it still produces endorphins. So, fake it, America.” Martin said. “I just want to show people that to get through life sometimes you have to get through the minute, to get through the hour, to get through the day and it helps if you have a smile on your face.”

Martin also began to take his songwriting aspirations seriously in the last few years and just signed a publishing deal with Myriad Publishing in Nashville. “He has an amazing gift for words. It won't be long till everyone from Nashville to Austin will want to write with him” Steve Cox, president of Myriad Publishing.

He also aspires to be a screenwriter. He has recently finished several screenplays. He has also written two comedy spec scripts under the tutelage of John Frink, Executive Producer of the long running Fox animated series, “The Simpsons”.

But perhaps Martin’s proudest achievement is the success of his non-profit organization: The Cowboys Who Care Foundation, which was designed to provide support, smiles and free cowboy hats proudly sponsored by Resistol to kids living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Their motto is “Every Kid Wants to Be a Cowboy or Cowgirl” and from the 1000s of smiles, it must be true.

On the home front, Martin is happily married and the proud parent of five beautiful children and four grandsons. He’s also an avid golfer, a yard guy, and a garage sale connoisseur. For 20 years of his career, he toured under the name “Cowboy Bill” Martin, a nickname his grandfather gave him.
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