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Scott White

Scott White

Born in Dearborn, MI, just outside of Detroit. Scott started doing comedy in his first year of college. He took on a partner, entered a contest and came in dead last.

It took another 10 years to get back on the stage. After 25 brutal winters in Michigan Scott moved to Houston, Texas and began his way back on the stage with stand-up comedy.

Well, as it is stated in the comic rule book, you need to wait tables before you can start doing comedy full time which he did. When the resturant closed its doors Scott figured this was a good jumping off point, and so started doing comedy full time.

As well as Stand Up, Scott has also dabbled in Improv Comedy (www.comedysportzhouston.com) and Sketch Comedy, including some forrays into Video Sketch as a director.

Scott has worked all over the United States, plus overseas entertaining our troops in Korea, Japan and Guam. He has worked with some of the best (and worst) comics in the business and keeps on coming back for more.

Rated Soft R.
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