Henry Coleman

Henry Coleman


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About Henry Coleman

From an early age his calling has been towards comedy and entertainment, ever since the age of 2 years old when he used to bounce and shuffle to music from the radio.

From his first television debut on the cult TV series ''Games Master'' in which he became the Golden Games Master Street Fighter 2 Champion.

He then went onto Sky Ones ''Gamesville'' where he beat his opponent 3- 0 in ''Midtown Madness'', proving his worth in video games.

Henry perfrom a variety of different characters each very different but equally funny.

Early comedy influences would be Lenny Henry, Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Benny Hill, Adam Sandler and Sid James to name but a few. Henry has always been the one to make people laugh or inject enthusiasm into his projects and people around him.

It's been said to have met him, is to have known him for a life time, with his upfront attitude, mesmerising eyes, warm presence and infectious smile.

A few of his all time great movies would be'' Stir Crazy, Trading Places, Coming to America, Zoolander, Big Trouble in Little China and Austin Powers. This gives you an Idea of Henrys influences.

His charm, wit, and humour is what draws you in to the man that is Henry Coleman.