Comedian Booking Info


Getting Booked:

We are currently working through a backlog of submissions and are not accepting any more until late summer 2016. 

We book from full length, unedited set video. Set lengths are as follows- 15 minute set for MC consideration, 30 minute set for feature consideration or 45 minute set for headline consideration. Sets can be submitted by mailing a hard copy DVD to:

Jeff Jones @ The Loony Bin Comedy Club 10301 North Rodney Parham Road Little Rock, AR 72227.

Audition video sets can also be submitted online via e-mail to

Please be sure your dvd video plays without issue in a computer and on a standard format dvd player before sending. DVD submissions will not be returned after viewing. Please be sure online sets are viewable via standard windows computer video playback and are free of buffering issues. We will not download any programs or sign up to any video service to watch your submission. Also, please ensure the sound quality of your submission enables us to clearly hear what you are saying.

Along with your submission please include the following whether in printed or electronic form:

- a list of full week clubs you have performed at in the position (MC, Feature or Headline) for which you are applying.

- your current avails list showing all club's / venue's you are working / and what position for the next 12 months.

- a bio and headshot, your regular press pack or your website address.

- any comic or club recommendations you feel would be helpful.

- your phone and e-mail contact information.

We watch all video as soon as we can in the order it was received. We do receive many submissions so sometimes it takes us a while to get to yours. If you have mailed your video- if you wish- you can call the Little Rock club at 501-228-5555 to verify it arrived beyond that- no further follow up or action is required on your part. Once we watch your set- if we feel your act is a good match for our clubs - we will contact you via the info you have provided and begin the process of setting up dates.

Thank you in advance for your interest in working with us.