About The Mömandpöp Höliday Variety Shöw

The Mömandpöp Höliday Variety Shöw

The Mömandpöp Höliday Variety Shöw

"The Mömandpöp Höliday Variety Shöw" at the Looney Bin!

Making their Looney Bin debut, Mömandpöp are a musical comedy duo who create award-winning original music and live shows especially for kids ages 0-7. Their highly interactive shows feature colorful characters, whimsical props, and fast costume changes all set to catchy pop music you'll be singing long after the show is over.

“[M]ömandpöp” isn't "kid rock." The band’s “Mömandpöp Show” may be aimed at the shorter short people in our lives — and younger kids really do love it — but the musical variety show quickly transcends. Husband and wife duo Bobby and Virginia Matthews are terrific writers with a knack for improv and a gift for crafting infectious pop ditties so full of love and life they defy easy categorization.”--Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer

“It was funny. I felt like my head was going to explode it was so good,"—Dillania Jackson, Third-grader, Eureka Elementary School
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